FOTO 119


Whether I am writing a hit song, performing on stage for an audience that speaks no English, or doing a photo shoot, I am always searching for the truth in the moment. 

Teron Beal, photographer / Foto 119



The definition of creativity is “the use of the imagination or original ideas”. This has been a core practice of Teron Beal since a young age. At a time when we all tend to feel different and try to do what’s necessary to fit in Teron embraced his “own out of the box” identity. His pursuit of artistic freedom eventually led him to a career as a singer/songwriter working with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, P!nk, and the late great Michael Jackson; penning songs that were uniquely raw and passionate, he began to expand his creative vantage point.

Traveling the world with his musical career he began documenting his experiences through photography. What started out as pictures of stunning locations turned into artful images of people thanks to a request from a friend that needed a headshot. This form of expression quickly evolved into a new passion for Teron. Channeling the against-the-grain approach that made him a success music, he birthed what is now know as Foto 119.  

Foto 119 captures the human spirit, its complexity, its beauty, and its attitude in a captivating way that is at once raw, sexy, candid, stylized and most of all honest.  It doesn’t matter if he is working with a talented athlete or an R&B icon, this pursuit of the truth is what shines through every photo and sets Foto 119 apart.